zehan's journey in life

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Its simply an awesome experience..I just can't get enough of horserding..can I??this is one activity that I will definitely miss when I leave Australia...I'm not sure myself..is it the love for horses, the thrill of riding or the scenery that i viewed as I rode...It was a white horse that i rode yesterday...not a stallion though but a nice and gentle graceful Gracie...Gracie it was for me yesterday..was looking forward to riding Teddy...but without much luck..he's out..so Gracie it is for me...

The weather was awesome apart from the few droplet that i experienced...those were the few droplets that has me stuck with the hideous looking raincoat as I ride...talking about looking good while riding (like the mcleod's daughters)..I guess not much huh!!!not with the ugly blue raincoat on me...

All in all it was a very pleasant day..apart from the long and tiring train ride to Nerang and not forgetting the odd human beings that were in the train with us...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Life is always unpredictable...you could be planning one thing and execute another.So why bother to plan isn't it...a wonder...is it really beneficial and vital to plan our life and give it a structure to its utmost detail...
For instance, my presence in the land of downunder caught me by surprise till this very day...never did I thought that I could actually be here to accomplish my dreams...I mean i always plan to come but after the very long wait and facing tremendous obstacles...I gave up.Little did I know what wonders ALLAH swt. has given me...I finally got the chance to come to pursue my dreams...and not only that, being married to the man I love before I pursue my studies...its like a double joy...I can't thank Allah enough of what he has done.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

back in brisbane

I'm back again...ya...drats!!i could say that..try as hard to fall in love with this place...but in just couldn't...why??I'm searching for the answers myself...maybe i would miss it when i leave at the end of the year...miss my dear hubby so much..hate this feeling...and my subjects this semester just simply add further gloom to my life here...cant seem to start studying..to get back to the usual regime of studying, revising...finishing my weekly worksheets and stuff...boy!!!do i just have to hang in there...

talked to my mom yesterday...to asked about kitty...miss her so much...

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

hang in there...

I am just hanging there...my last paper which is tomorrow...can't wait for it to be over but at the same time..I don't want it to end..cause i have heaps of reading mand memorizing to do..not too sure if my brain could contain all the information..I just have to pray hard..to let the info. just hang in there till tomorrow..after which it can all disappear for all I care...

I can't wait to go home..seriously..just can't wait..

Friday, June 17, 2005

missing home...

I miss home so much...not the country..just home basically..what constitute a home..is ot the land that you are stepping on...I am not too sure about that...I miss my husband, family and friends...my cats...awwwwww!!!!!!!!!!i wanna go home so badly....


I'm smothered by my books...no wait..not forgetting..tonnes and tonnes of papers..ya they are my lecture notes. Can't wait for all these to be over which is by next wednesday..afterwhich I'm off on SQ airplane to fly back home..Time seems to be crawling by isn't it when you are wishing hard for it to pass by quickly..

I have a paper tomorrow..thats my 3rd out of 4..almost half the battle gone..why almost half??cause my 4th paper is gonna be tough...cause there's heaps of reading to do ..yeah heaps of it..
well I just gotta perservere on..come on just a few more days..

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

silent cry of a shadow

What is it like to be a shadow...
can we experience it?
or was it the power of the mind that tells u that you are one
Difficult it seems to be a happy shadow
For most shadows are sad souls
Unwanted, discarded, excluded
Are emotions that surrounds a soul called a shadow...
Level of importance and gratefulness fell to an utmost low of a degree
Do I still want to a shadow then...
Those black blurry figure that fills the backseat quite often

Monday, February 07, 2005


An illusion of mind
Always sceptical of its defination

However definations can be altered
according to various lives it sat upon
One must strongly believe that its out there
Patiently awaits
The retrieval by various individual

Only then can dreams be altered to reality
After we succumbs to continuous persisitence, perserverence and strong belief in achieving
Those dreams that once seems to be an illusion and yet so far beyond our reach